Crochet. Crocheting. Crocheter. Note 1

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My Crochet Journal, Entry 1: Crocheter’s Warm-up

Crochet. Crocheting. My favorite way of creating handmade fabric. A hook and string (thread, yarn) is all I need to make something. Whether I’m following a pattern or creating a design of my own, I enjoy the process of making loops that flow into groups of stitches that form flowers and zigzags and waves and geometric shapes and so much more.

Crocheting can be very relaxing and meditative and it can be energizing and entertaining too. There is a range of health benefits attributed to crocheting as well.

I’ve come to realize it’s a good idea to start each crochet fun session with a quick set of warm-up exercises for hands&fingers. I’ve made a quick video of my fav ‘workout’:

The key is to place NO strain or pressure on muscles or joins. The workout should cause no pain or discomfort. The purpose is to warm up and relax hands, to improve coordination and to prep fingers for work. Also, I like using a super soft and squishy ball.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The information I am sharing here is based on my personal experience as a crocheter and is not intended to prevent or treat any condition. For professional advice, please consult a specialist/physical therapist.

Coming up next: crochet hooks I like using; ways to hold yarn to best control tension; ways to hold a crochet hook.

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