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I wonder if there are folks out there whose spouses/partners/other family members resent and/or devalue their fiber art interests. Is there a stigma that knitting, crocheting, spinning is a waste of time and resources that a self-respecting professional in any other field would never do? Is there anyone who’s ever felt like they would have been better off sneaking past their loved one/s with their brand new stitch dictionary/yarn/hooks or needles and shoving them in the depths of their stash unnoticed? 😀

I do it all in the open 🙂 never sneak or shove. But sometimes I wonder, is it just me or am I indeed the only individual in the house so excited about my little finds and projects, and should I care?

Well, of course I care about how the loved ones feel about things I do, but whether I should care about anyone’s resentment towards my fiber hobbies is, probably a rhetorical question.

Take a look at the pic:

Knitting on the go - knitting in the car -

What do you resent more: those stressed jeans or the knitting? 😀

The End.

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