A Ball of Yarn

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“I will wind them over my hand the way Aunt Maria does, so that the balls feel quite ‘spongey’. I wish that all yarns came from the factories wound in balls, though!”

“You are not the first person to wish that,” said the Yarn Baby. “Hanks and skeins are much harder for a child to manage than balls.”

This never gets old. Child or adult, take care that the yarn balls you’re handwinding are ‘spongey’ enough not to damage the fiber 🙂

Ball of Yarn, handwound - mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

Do you ever handwind your yarn into balls?

Jane Eayre Fryer. The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book. 1918. p.39.


    1. I’ve fingering weight yarn to wind – a mix of silk, alpaca and cashmere. I forgot to considered that the composition of the yarn has impact on how sticky the yarn is all wound up ☺️. I’ve not attempted lace knitting, I found it difficult to keep good tension with lace yarn. Did you find you had problems ( at first)?

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      1. mmm!!.silk and alpaca and cashmere ❤ sounds like an amazing combination!!! I'm yet to try a lovely blend like that. As far as tension, I see what you mean. I've been using my "crochet" hold quite a bit, that is I wrap the yarn around my fingers just like I do when I crochet, especially with #10 thread or finer, and it works well for me. I came up with it thinking back of how the tension control worked on my tiny sewing machine when I was little…

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        1. I wound them finally this Saturday and it went SO quickly – I’ve been buying more hanks recently so figured I’d get a swift. And it was only £25. Bargain investment!
          I will have to think of adjusting how I wind my yarn for tensioning when I next come to use lace (no plans at the moment- and I will probably combine something lace mohair with another yarn when I come to using it!). Not sure why I didn’t think of it at the time – and it was a crochet jumper when I last used it (still a WIP) ☺️

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          1. yeeey! awesome 👍 One day I might invest into one, if I find a good deal 😌 for now, I’m staying away (with a heavy heart) from lace weight hanks, opting for cones and ‘prewound’ balls…


  1. I’m not sure if my balls can be considered spongy – I have an inkling I might wind a little too tight. Having said that I prefer the handwound balls of yarn to the cakes which always seem to fall apart a little as soon as you take them off the winder. I finally invested in a yarn swift though and can’t wait for it to arrive. Have previously held the hank between my feet and hand wound the ball which just took forever!!

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    1. I don’t have one either 🙂 I’m a self-taught ‘winder’, I only learned by observation as a child, so I can’t tell if my yarnballs are spongy enough. I certainly keep the rule in mind each time I pick up a new hank 🙂

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