A Knit Hat, Crochet Swans, and a Cat

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I’ve finished and test-worn my nordic inspired knit hat. There’s no lining, yet the hat is super warm. With just 20% of alpaca there’s no need to add insulation at all. Can you tell the hat is on a snow blanket? 🙂 There are a few snowflakes on the hat too; – took the pic before it got covered in snow – it’s snowing out!

My Knitted Hat | Estonian Knits | Bohemian Flower, Mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

I’ve knitted it using Mountain Bluebird, Aspyn, Yarn Bee yarn. Love the soft fabric it makes!

How do you like working with alpaca?

Oh, and I could help, but share a couple pics of this super cute kitty and an amazing crocheted curtain with gorgeous swans on it!

Kitty and Crochet Swans 2 | Bohemian Flower | Mytrailinghobbieswordpress.com

Kitty and Crochet Swans 1 | Bohemian Flower | Mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

There was as person in the room, who, I assume, ‘s the owner of the kitty and possibly the author of the crochet work. They are probably used to people taking photos of their awesome pet and the crochet masterpiece and didn’t mind that I was standing there admiring the view and taking a couple pics (Thank you!). 🙂



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