Scrubbies of Hearts

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I did some crochet – yeeey!

Textured hearts scrubbies - bohemian flower -


– a face scrubby, a dishcloth, and a washcloth. I was playing with front- and back- post double crochet (FPDC and BPDC) to get textured hearts + nice and scrubby background ribbing.

Valentine scrubby 1 - bohemian flower - mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.comValentine scrubby 1.1 - bohemian flower - mytrailinghobbiesValentine scrubby - bohemian flower -


How do you like working with FPDC and BPDCs?



  1. Yours are so neat, my fpdc and bpdc always look really uneven. Do you have any tips for getting it neat? There”s a few projects of love to try but daren’t as I don’t want to make a scruffy mess!

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    1. thank you 🙂 I’m thinking, the key may be keeping a finger on the loop and the yo on the hook until the last ‘drop 2’. Perhaps I’ll try to share a quick video of how I work it. I’m sure your fpdcs and bpdcs are perfect though!!! It’s hard to fairly assess one’s own work 🙂


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