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Holding a pair of hanks of hand-spun Dog hair and Alpaca yarn felt like staring at a blank sheet of canvas paper. The yarn felt so lovely I hesitated to start a project out of fear to ruin the yarn. All ideas vanished. What would I make? Definitely something I could feel with my hands as much as possible…mittens or wrist warmers. To break the block, I simply began hand-winding the yarn into balls. Then I started knitting…and ended up with two sets of small rectangles, ribbed and plain, which are about to turn into lovely mitts.

Alpaca - Dog Hair | Bohemian Flower - MyTrailingHobbies.wordpress.com

Alpaca - Dog Hair Yarn | Bohemian Flower - mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

I love the combination of super soft, incredibly strong – you can’t break it with your hands – hypoallergenic and soothing Alpaca and coarse, water resistant, and energizing Dog Hair. I call the yarn Puppaca 🙂

I don’t know though how Mr. Fluffy likes the whole idea:

Mr Fluffy - mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

Have you ever tried knitting or crocheting with dog hair yarn? What do you think it’s best for?


    1. I bought it at an alpaca farm 🙂 my dog’s hair would make some fantastically soft yarn, probably as soft as alpaca, but I haven’t tried blending his hair to make yarn yet. I think he may not be into the idea of having another dog’s hair around the house 🙂 or the idea of having his own hair used for knitting 🙂

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