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It’s so cold out. Snowflakes and crisp air always bring up a feeling of joy in me. I have a perfect excuse to get back to my knitting 🙂

Check out a pic of my Florentine Frieze + Woven Tweed + cablesChocolate woolen scarf in the works:

Bohemian Flower MyTrailingHobbies | Florentine Frieze | Woven Tweed | Cable | Knitted Scarf | mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

The stitch patterns come from the Walker Treasury, which makes it easy to improvise when you have no plan, other than “making a scarf”, but feel like using a more complex stitch pattern. It helps to use a stitch counter to follow patterns like Florentine Frieze, as Barbara’s books don’t always offer knitting charts.

I like thinking of Barbara Walker, an unsurpassed designer, author, and knit stitch pattern collector, as my knitting mentor.

Stitch dictionaries are a necessity if you like to knit and there’s always something new to learn from each book in the niche. I certainly do not consider investing in a variety of dictionaries a waste. But, if I were to give my younger self one piece of advice regarding a good comprehensive knitting book as a starter and a core, I’d recommend Ms. Walker’s work – from the four Treasuries of Knitting Patterns, to Learn-to-Knit, to Knitting from the Top.

Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns | Bohemian Flower MyTrailingHobbies | mytrailinghobbies.wordpress.com

One thing I want to mention, regarding her Mosaic Knitting book: if shopping online, take a close look at the cover before ordering it. Doing some research on her work helped me overcome the shock I felt taking my first look at that book.

The mosaic knitting technique itself is pretty awesome and she does offer some lovely patterns.

Even though her books could use more knitting charts – which is virtually a given in European books of the 20th century, the variety of stitch patterns and combinations thereof always get ideas popping in my head as I flip through the Treasury.

Thanks, Schoolhouse Press, for making her work available to us today 🙂 Seriously, I feel we are lucky to be able to access the info she invested so much time and effort in putting together. And the gray-scale and black and white images of patterns and swatches only help make it look like a classy classic.

Anyway, where was I  – ah my scarf, gotta get back to my scarfie!

Who would you consider your knitting mentor?



  1. Elizabeth Zimmermann is my knitting mentor. I borrowed all the VHS tapes they had from the library years ago and watched them over and over. I then bought her books and read them cover to cover. Because of her I am a fearless knitter:)

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    1. How cool! She is another genius! My second go to person (set of books) for guidance. It may sound odd, but I apply her unventions in my crochet work; for example, I relied on EPS when making my first crocheted yoke sweater. Now I wonder if a library would have her videos on DVD; you’ve inspired me to watch some 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

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