Intuitive Knits: a Sock

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Intuitive Sock |

– my intuitive custom-fit knitted holiday sock. This past holiday season, one of my favorite projects was my improvised knitted sock – I only had enough time to make one 🙂 even though it didn’t involve any fancy patterning.  I threw in a couple of “seasonal” colors, a candy-like braid, a reinforced heel, a padded sole, and did some shaping along the way as I felt fit. I can’t say it’s a cute sock, but it is super comfy.



This one was the first attempt:

Intuitive Sock 1 |

– featuring an invisible join at the beginning of work, an elastic 2×2 ribbing and stripes that flow smoothly from color to color and maintaining the pleasant softness of the ribbing.

What made me set the piece aside, for better times, and start anew was the specs of color in purl sections:

Intuitive Sock 2 |

– generally, no big deal and oftentimes a desired effect, but not in this case.

So I did the “knit the first row around” when changing colors to get clean stripes. Effect achieved, as seen in the top pic. But the downside is a ribbing not as soft or bouncy as the original.

So this was my intuitive sock knitting bit. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Will my next pair of socks be intuitive? Absolutely.

Pros: freedom to knit as you please; no swatching (never mind the scrapped piece, it’s still usable 🙂

Cons: you do have to try your sock on a few times if you want it to fit nicely (it’s actually fun and could be another ‘pro’ 🙂 ; your pattern options are limited to plain and elastic, unless you are an absolute pro and know exactly how any stitch pattern is going to work out (is it even possible with the wealth of yarn, needles and stitch patterns?). Speaking of plain though, graph patterns are an awesome way to decorate any knitting, I am yet to try doing that with no prior planning whatsoever.

Do you normally knit intuitively or do you prefer to follow a pattern?





    1. Thank you, Karen. It seems like the finer the gauge, the cuter the sock. I love your socks – looking at your striped 2018 FO I can almost feel the comfy softness 🙂 what a perfect pattern composition! I definitely cannot knit socks in my sleep yet 😀 wish I could – would save so much time… not to have to do all those fittings. Thanks for stopping by –

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