2016 WordPressing Wrap-up

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Wow, I really did post a few things creative, I like to believe, hehe 🙂 right here on WP.

It has been a fun journey – creating the blog, learning my way around the tech stuff, recording and sharing some of MyTrailingHobbies things I’ve been up to along the way, discovering amazing ideas and works and the talented folks behind them!!!

I’ve had some “ups” and some “downs”. There was a not so brief period of time when I didn’t get to post anything, but I’m happy I was able to get back to this hobby of mine 🙂 and keep on pressing.

Two things I wanted to note, things unexpected, things kind:

  • In my early weeks of WordPressing, a fellow blogger nominated my blog for two different blogger awards. It was unexpected, but it was a pleasant surprise from someone, whose blog I enjoyed reading very much 🙂 I was and am grateful to her for that. I ended up not following through with the nomination posts – it was too hard to decide on a small group of blogs I liked – there are so many – and each and everyone deserves to be on the list 🙂 To this day, I think fondly of that early blogging experience 🙂
  • Most recently, the Crochet Crowd shared my classic swirl Christmas ornament set info with their community.  My Snowballs and Icicles in Color were featured as one of Mikey’s favorites in their post Crochet Even More Holiday Ornaments.

    It was totally unexpected and totally cool 🙂

I thank all the artists-crafters-creatives who cared to stop by and/or like, and/or comment, and/or follow and/or share what I had to share.

I’m happy to see that my holiday gift 🙂 Snowballs and Icicles in Color pattern got lots of downloads on Craftsy and ❤️  -s on Ravelry 🙂 All of this makes “the journey of my ever-evolving interests” even more fun!

Finally, looking at the list of all the countries I got virtual visitors from, I’d like to extend my best wishes to each and everyone of you! Happy Holidays!!! ❤️😊🎄❄️🌀❄️🎄😊❤️

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