Crochet Pineapple Everything

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Pineapple! Yesterday, I came up with this idea to make myself a few things with a “pineapple” crochet stitch. Not the traditional pineapple stitch though…I tested out the idea for this stitch and was happy to see that the results were quite cute 🙂 (to me, the most important criterion, hehe 🙂

Using a combination of 5-lp bobbles, dcs, scs and chs, I started off to make a flat square little placemat. Then proceeded to making a pineapple phone case. So here’s my little pineapple case made of tiny pineapples 🙂


Dc shells and bobbles are a classic. Isn’t it amazing how with this age-old medium we can create modern-day cute and handy thingies!!! 🙂

With some adjustments, this same pattern will work to make you some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers, leg warmers, a hat with an adjustable opening for your/your kid’s neat ponytail or messy bun, a flower pot “sweater”, a sleeve for your reader, a placemat, a blanket, a pillow case, or a tiny gift bag…

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The adjustable tie/strap can serve as a loop-handle and if you make it long enough, you can hang the phone case, or a tiny purse if you wish, over your shoulder. Additionally, you can use the strap pattern to make a matching bracelet, or a necklace, or a belt, or a keychain…and you don’t need any buttons or beads to fasten it.


I’m yet to record the pattern, for crocheting in the row and in the round, in chart and/or in writing, when I get a chance; I’ll share it once I’m done with that.

Cheers! 🍍🍍🍍

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