A Motif a Week: Square One

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Today, I’m starting a new project “A Motif a Week”. The following square motif is going to be my Square One 🙂


The motif was designed for crochet thread #10. I, however, love the magnified version in weightier yarn. I do enjoy delicate lace crochet pieces. I just think the same design can be made in a variety of sizes, each beautiful in its own way 🙂

Once a week, I’ll take a motif, in random order, from one of my two go-to crochet motif books displayed herein and make it in a couple of different sizes of varying color composition. I’ll use crochet thread #10 with 1.5-1.75 mm crochet hooks and yarn with 3.5-6.00 mm crochet hooks. I’ll post the results on Thursdays.

Crochet Motifs.jpg

I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to use the motifs for. I might incorporate them in my handmade jewelry, make some free form accent pieces, put together some home decor items, or add them to my collection of coasters. I’m going to use baby yarn, tested and approved for use in baby items, to keep my options open 🙂 The baby yarn is so soft and nice to touch, it will only keep me motivated to keep going and possibly come up or end up with something nice and soft and wearable 🙂

I’ve done a photo a day, a piece of jewelry a day… – little monthly personal projects that were fun and created a cool creative rhythmic routine; that was way before this blog came into being. Now, I’m thinking – why not make a similar project for my crochet thingies! I’m making it a weekly thing; that feels like the right pace at the moment 🙂

The last piece in this project is going to be a micro-version of Square One ! 🙂

N.B.: This project has been suspended due to lack of time; I still love Ms. Sainio’s work and would love to spread the word about her amazing designs while honing my own crocheting skills through this activity 🙂 I intend to get back to it as soon as I have a possibility to!!! ❤ Oct. 14, 2016.


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