My Portable Crochet Station, or How I Keep My Crochet Thread from Rolling Around

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May I introduce to you my Portable Crochet Station:


Yep, it’s a storage basket from the IKEA Kids section.
I love it how it keeps my crochet thread and yarn from rolling around. It’s so light, bright, compact and has no rough edges, meaning, no damage to my delicate crochet supplies. It even has a loop to thread the yarn through for more control, but that’s optional 🙂 When you travel, you can easily pack it in your suitcase, and then take it out at the hotel to do some crocheting if you wish.
It has enough space to house your hook, yarn, marker, and a printed pattern.
When I work on multicolor pieces, I use multiple baskets. That keeps the threads from tangling; while the numbering helps follow the pattern, especially if there are distractions 🙂
They sell sets of 3 colorful numbered baskets for just $4.99 🙂 I am not advertising for IKEA! 😀 I just like doing what I can with what I have. And as a Mama, I keep a few sets of these around at all times 🙂 One thing to keep in mind: if you do have kids in the house, make sure to keep your Portable Crochet Station out of their reach lest they mistake it for their toy basket or get curious about what you store in it.

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