Crochet Thread: How to ID

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Can you tell what brand, size, and color each of the crochet threads displayed in the featured image is?

Unless you are a profi, you probably can’t do that with absolute confidence. Neither could I, until I realized that there was a surprisingly simple and easy step I could take to help me identify, organize, and keep track of each item in my expanding collection of crochet threads.

So, here’s the “what and how to”:


a. Unwrap that brand new ball of crochet thread, with excitement;
b. Recycle the plastic wrap;
c. Hold on to the circular strip of paper listing all of these important specifications (these may appear useless, but they are there for a reason; however, storing them in your head or a drawer is creating unwanted clutter);


Cut or tear the paper ring to make it a strip;


Roll it up, specs inward;


a. Place the roll inside the crochet ball;
b. Make sure it spreads out evenly on the inside showing all the info you want to see;
Et Voilà! Here’s our brand & size info;
– and here’s the color, yardage, and other details 🙂
We know for sure it’s Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10 Monet Multi, in case we were wondering or were thinking to stock up on more for an upcoming project or two;


– and this one, on the right, we know now is Artiste #10 Windsor!
No clutter, no memory games, no headache.
Easy peasy!!! 🙂

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